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"Every life is special. Every life leaves a mark on the world. Every life is to be cherished and celebrated. Everyone leaves a legacy that must be remembered."
-Mark Thiel

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Certified Funeral Celebrant 

Mark D. Thiel is a Certified Funeral Celebrant in Maryland. He has officiated more than 250 funerals as Life Tribute Celebrations for more than 7 years. Previously, as a Registered Nurse, he offered support to patients and families through difficult life transitions. In the hospital, hospice, and home settings, Mark is extremely helpful in assisting families through expected and sudden experiences. Now as a Funeral Celebrant, he is privileged to support families as they start on a journey of bereavement and healing. Working closely with the family of the deceased, he creates a highly personalized funeral as a life tribute celebration. Mark's respectful attention to detail and focus on the life of the loved one results in a deeply meaningful remembrance. His empathy and compassion allow those who gather to experience a celebration of a life well-lived.

"Your care and compassion came through in a bright light, just as we all needed. We were so happy you were part of our saddened but special time. Thank you for lifting us up."

Penny & John G.

Memorial Candle


I am committed to providing the support and service you need during these difficult times. Please feel welcome to call me anytime to start the process of a celebration of life today.

248 860 6358

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