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Flower Arrangement


A Funeral Celebrant will officiate a Celebration of Life service which is a unique and personal way for families and loved ones to honor the life of the deceased. This meaningful ceremony is a collaboration between the family and the Celebrant. The Celebrant's role is to gather the remembrances, tributes, and stories shared by the family. He is receptive and respectful to the traditions, rituals, and culture of each family. He assists the family in designing the celebration, directing questions, and interviewing family members. He encourages all to share anecdotes and memories so that he captures the deceased's life and legacy. These remembrances are the foundation of the "Celebration of life Tribute".  Working with the family requests for additional elements of the service, such as special music, songs, readings, and poems, he thoughtfully writes the ceremony and officiates the service.
This personalized and custom tribute offers the family in mourning an exceptional way to eulogize the life of the deceased. Ultimately, the family and guests will experience a very special funeral service.

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