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Holding Hands


To begin the process of creating a Celebration of Life Tribute, a family meeting is scheduled. This meeting is an essential component in creating a service that is authentic and captures the essence of the deceased. Mark's role, as the Funeral Celebrant, is to create a highly personalized service that is a tribute to the lost loved one. Mark typically spends 2-4 hours with the family discussing all elements of the service from beginning to end. Mark conducts the meeting, asking the family to recall and share memories to learn as much as possible about the deceased. This includes gathering stories, anecdotes, habits, funny moments, passions, quirks, hobbies, and loves. This meeting can be a very helpful time for the family, allowing them to gather together, mourn, and begin the healing process. Any family members who, for any reason, cannot attend the meeting may speak to Mark directly by phone.

To Begin a Funeral Celebration


Call 248 860 6435 

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